Price Plan

Vodafone Fiji has announced that reduction in its mobile charges will come into effect from 31st December – a day earlier than the reduction in VAT comes into effect. Whilst, the reduction in VAT by Government is 6%, Vodafone has been able to pass on a bigger reduction of between 6-9% on some of its services.  Vodafone prepaid customers who account for more than 90% of its total 750,000 customer base, will now pay 9% less for their call charges which is a further 3% reduction on top of the 6% reduction in VAT announced by Government.

The CEO of Vodafone Fiji Mr. Pradeep Lal said, “We are happy to pass on the reduction in VAT plus a little extra to our customers a day earlier than scheduled. The reduction means Vodafone now offers the lowest prepaid calling rates in the country on a 30 seconds per unit basis. Our team has been able to effect the necessary price changes in our billing system ahead of time and therefore we are happy to pass on the reduction to our customers a day earlier. We know from previous years that on New Year’s Eve leading into the New Year, lots of calls and SMS are made to family members and friends wishing them well for the New Year.  We would like to make the beginning of 2016 a pleasant one for our customers.

For other services, rates have reduced anywhere between 6-9%.  Customers can visit the Vodafone Fiji website at to find out more details on the new rates applicable for the various products and services offered by Vodafone.