Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prepay Blackberry?

It is an ADD ON service that allows Prepay customer’s with Blackberry handsets to utilize Unlimited* BlackBerry Data Access for day/week/month on charged conditions. 

The services can be activated, modified, deactivated or renewed via *555#.
* Fair Usage Policy of 1GB Applies

How does Prepay Blackberry work?
Prepay BlackBerry Services simply allows you Unlimited* access to Emails, Instant Messaging and Basic Internet Browsing.
* Fair Usage Policy of 1GB Applies

What does “Premium Browsing” mean?
Any Premium Internet service such as Video or Audio streaming or Third Applications Access will be charged as per Prepay Mobile Internet rates which is $2.99 per MB.

Examples of Premium Browsing:
· Listening to audio stream using the in-built media player e.g. someone wants to watch CNN video which gets launched on the in-built Media player
· Watching YouTube video
· Google Apps
· Travel Apps
· Productivity Apps
· Other Applications - Downloaded from third party websites

Examples of Basic Browsing:
  Basic Internet Browsing using BlackBerry Browser
· IM Clients - Windows Live, Google Talk, Yahoo Messenger and BlackBerry Messager
· Social Networking Apps - FB, Twitter, My Space
· MAPS - BlackBerry Maps
What are the charges for Prepay BlackBerry?
Prepay BlackBerry Plan Subscription Fee (VIP) Subscription Period
Blackberry on Demand Daily $  2.50 1 day
Blackberry on Demand Weekly $15.00 7 days
Blackberry on Demand Monthly $55.00 31days

How is Prepay different to Postpay BlackBerry?
Prepay BlackBerry services is almost similar to that of a Postpay BlackBerry Plan in terms of basic Internet access via BlackBerry Browser, using BlackBerry Instant Messenger, and receiving emails from at least 10 Email Accounts. However, Prepay BlackBerry customers have the luxury of deactivating and activating the service at their own convenience.

What phones can utilize the Prepay BlackBerry Service?
The service is only valid for genuine BlackBerry Handsets approved by RIM (Research IN Motion).
All genuine blackberry handsets must have 15 Numbers as IMEI and 8 alpha-numeric characters as PIN.
IMEI and PIN can be viewed from Options > Status (OS 5) OR Options > Device >
Device and Status Information (OS 6).

How can I activate the Prepay BlackBerry Service?
· Simply dial *555#
· Select Option 1 for BlackBerry On-demand Plan
· Select either Daily (1 day), Weekly (7 days) or Monthly (31 days)
There will then be a request for confirmation of subscription
· Please select Option 1 for Yes
After these procedures, switch off your blackberry handset for at least a minute. Once turned on, notice a capital GPRS or 3G (with dots) next to the Network Bars on the main menu display. If displayed, then Prepay BlackBerry is successfully activated.

When will the activated service expire?
Expiry date is as follows:
· BlackBerry on Demand (31 days) – Midnight of 31st Day
· BlackBerry on Demand (7 days) – Midnight of 7th Day
· BlackBerry on Demand (1 day) – Midnight of active Day
The service will automatically continue after the expiry date if you have sufficient funds in your Normal Money. You will receive an SMS from 4600 before the expiry date is reached. The SMS notification will be available for only the weekly and monthly plans.
The service can be deactivated via *555# or it will automatically deactivate if there are low funds in Normal Money.

How can I deactivate the Prepay BlackBerry Service?
· Call *555#
· Opt for the service that is already active
· The date displayed is the date at which the service is deemed to expire
There will also be two requests for deactivation to re-confirm your decision
· Once deactivated, a message will then be displayed to advice service removal

Will I be able to conduct downloads and send PXT with Prepay BlackBerry? Does it require any setup?
Customers can send PXT Messages and conduct downloads on their BlackBerry handsets with no necessary setup requirements, aditional charges will apply.

How do I setup emails on my Blackberry?
Before setup is conducted, Prepay BlackBerry service must be activated.
· Select the Setup folder from the BlackBerry Menu
· Select Email Settings
· Please accept the Terms and Agreement provided
· Select Add an Email Account
· Please complete the entries for email account setup
· Click Next
· Click OK
· A message icon will then appear on your BlackBerry Menu for your created Email

How many Email Accounts can I add?
Prepay BlackBerry service allows customers to add up to 10 Email Accounts, for example, Gmail, Hotmail, Company Email (please refer to your IT Section), etc. 

Will I be able to use other Normal Prepay Services along with my subscribed Prepay Blackberry?
Yes, all other Normal Prepay services will function accordingly with Prepay BlackBerry. In addition, all Prepay services will incur standard charges such as Calls, SMS, PXT, etc.

Will I be charged for Internet and emails without activating Prepay Blackberry Service?
Yes, charges will incur for any internet or email access if there is No Active Prepay BlackBerry Service. Please note without an Active Prepay Blackberry service, emails cannot be accessed through the email shortcut icons created on Blackberry menu; access is only available through the browser. Internet Access is charged at $0.10 per MB (This is a promotional offer valid till 15th March).

If I use the sim card “with Active Prepay BlackBerry” on Nokia Handset, will I be able to utilize the subscribed service?
The service is only applicable to Genuine BlackBerry Handsets. If the service is still active on the sim card and inserted to a Nokia handset, the only available option via *555# is deactivation of the Service.

How do we use Instant Messaging with Prepay BlackBerry?
BlackBerry Messenger is the application used for chatting with family or friends that own a BlackBerry handset. In order to add members to BlackBerry Messenger you will need to Invite a Contact using their PIN, Email or Scanning their BlackBerry Messenger PIN Bar Code. Other messager applications can also be used.

Where can we retrieve PIN for BlackBerry Messenger invites?
PIN can be viewed from Options > Status (OS 5) OR Options > Device > Device and Status Information (OS 6)

Where can we retrieve Bar Codes for BlackBerry Messenger invites?
Bar Codes can be viewed on BlackBerry Messenger > Highlight your Profile > Select Menu Key (the dotted Button) > Select View My Profile >

· Click “Show” for PIN Bar Code (0S 6)

· Scroll Down and select “Display My Barcode” (OS 5)