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Vodafone Prepay Roaming – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the customer need to do in order to use roaming services while visiting overseas and how to get roaming access activated?

    Answer: Prepay roaming services are open to all Vodafone Prepay customers. To use prepay roaming services, customers simply need to ensure they have the sufficient real money balance in their mobile account before they travel. Online top up option is also available for customers from anywhere in the world. Customers simply need to visit Vodafone Fiji website on and select Web Top Up option to do online top up.

  3. Will Prepay roaming bundles be activated by default? What does the customer need to do to in order to use the Prepay roaming bundles?

    Answer: Prepay roaming bundles will not be active by default. To opt-in customers need to dial *100# and select the daily, weekly or monthly pan of their choice.

  5. What will be the charge if customer forgets to subscribe to the roaming bundles?

    Answer: Standard roaming charges will apply if the customer forgets to subscribe to the roaming bundle plan. Refer standard rates table for more details.

  7. How was Vodafone Fiji able to bring such a massive reduction in rates and why was this not possible before?

    Answer: Vodafone Fiji continuously works with roaming partners to negotiate rates for roaming. After continuous negotiations with the roaming partners, we came through a mutual goal to increase roaming traffic through reduced rates. As per norm, the benefit of any cost reduction is automatically passed on to our customers.

  9. Does roaming bundles apply to all the countries visited by Vodafone prepay customers?

    Answer: No, prepay roaming bundles are only applicable to selected 12 countries and these countries are: New Zealand, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, USA, Canada, India, UK, Sri Lanka, Vanuatu, Samoa and Tonga

  11. Roaming bundles are applicable to 22 countries on Postpay and only 12 countries on Prepay. Why is Vodafone Fiji not able offer same countries on Postpay to Prepay customers for the roaming bundles?

    Answer: Postpaid and Prepaid roaming works on different platform where Postpaid customers use the services first and pay later whereas Prepaid customers are charged instantly for the service. Roaming historically was always offered / meant for postpaid customers. While Vodafone Fiji has advanced in upgrading / launching roaming services for prepaid customers, there are still many operators around the world who have infrastructure constraints to launch / offer prepaid roaming services. As and when roaming partners become ready, we will keep on negotiating and adding more countries on Prepaid roaming bundle plans.

  13. Will the plan still be valid if user travels from one roaming country to another?

    Answer: Yes, bundle plan benefits will remain active if user travels from one roaming bundle country to another roaming bundle country. However, the roaming bundle plan benefits will not be applicable if user travels from roaming bundle country to another country that is not listed in the roaming bundle plan.