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$50 Prepaid Hybrid Broadband Plan


  • Free 4G Pocket Wi-Fi Device on Contract – Normal Retail Value $49
  • 125GB Anytime Data, 50GB Night Data and 50GB Netflix Data on $50 recharge with 30 Days Validity (from date of recharge)
  • No installation costs
  • No deposit
  • No lock-in contracts
  • 4G Pocket Wifi at no cost upon sign up
  • Visit any Vodafone Branded shop Fiji Wide with a TIN Letter or FNPF/FIRCA joint card and a Valid Photo ID.
  • Fill out the Network Services Agreement
  • The agreement is on a month by month basis for a period of 24 months.
  • Upon signing of the agreement, customer will receive a FREE 4G Pocket Wi-Fi Device & a data number. The customer will need to purchase a $50 recharge at the point of connection.
  • Thereafter, for every subsequent month, Customer MUST recharge with $50 denomination every month to enjoy the benefits. Customers can also recharge with $65 and $100 denominations to meet the contract requirement.
  1. First month recharge of $50 is payable at the point of connection.
  2. This offer is on a month by month contract for a period of 24 months.
  3. Data acquired through purchase of the Minimum Monthly Recharge of $50 will be valid for 30 days from the day of recharge.
  4. Night Data is usable from 11pm to 7am daily.
  5. Subscription to access Netflix content is not included in this data package.
  6. Not applicable to any other Vodafone data recharge promotions.
  7. Customer must recharge with $50 denomination monthly (Calendar Month). Accumulative smaller denomination recharge totaling $50 during the month is not permitted.
  8. Customer must recharge $50 at once to enjoy the benefits of this plan. Customers can recharge through hard cards, electronic vouchers, M-PAiSA, Web Top Ups, ATMs, SMS Banking and TXT Top Up Fiji wide
  9. Customers can also recharge with $65 and $100 denominations to meet the contract requirement.
  10.  If Customer Fails To Recharge:
    • He/she will be given reminder notice through emails & txt messages to recharge by month end.
    • If the customer fails to top up the required $50 in any one calendar month,10 days grace period is allowed but customer’s data number will be placed on one-way block
    • If customer recharges with $50 during grace period: Number is reactivated without any penalties.
    • No recharge after grace period: Number is disconnected and legal action to commence if customer fails to honor terms of agreement. Customer will be notified accordingly.
  11. To Disconnect:
    • Customers are required to give 30 days notice period for disconnection.
    • Required to fill the disconnection form and drop it at any Vodafone Retail outlet with the allocated device (given during the sign up).
    • If the device is in a working condition, then customer will not be required to pay anything additional (No disconnection charges)
    • However the customer is required to pay the pro-rated value of the device in cases whereby the device is:
      • Not working,
      • Physical or liquid damage
      • Lost
  12. Promotion ends 30th November, 2019 or while stocks last.
  13. In order to use Prepaid 4G broadband service, it is mandatory to have a 4G SIM card, be in a 4G coverage area and have a 4G Pocket WiFi.
  14. For more information on 4G coverage in your area and promotion enquiries, please call 124(Free for Prepay) or 123(Charged).