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Navman Wireless lets you run the following reports to improve productivity and reduce costs:

Trip Report

Details location, travelling time, stops, time spent on site and mileage for each trip.

Customer Site Report 

Details site visits, time spent on site and departure time.

Mileage Report 

Details mileage travelled in a day, week or month.

Idle Report 

Records when, where and how long a vehicle has been idling, to assist in reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Geofence Report 

Shows when and where a vehicle has entered or left a virtually bordered area, how much time was spent inside and distance travelled within.

Vehicle Maintenance Report

Alerts you to when WOF, insurance and vehicle servicing is due for each vehicle in the fleet.

Overspeed Report 

Lists the date, time and location of speeding events.

Speed Analysis Report 

Provides a statistical representation of driving behaviour, including how much time a driver spends in defined speed bands.

Unauthorised Event Report 

Catalogues any unauthorised vehicle movement outside of business hours, assisting in security management and breaches of company protocol.

Activity Report 

Details every logged event for each vehicle or driver over a given period.

Stop Report 

Records every stop a vehicle makes and how long it was stopped