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Vodafone Mobile Web

Vodafone gives to you web on the move. Access the world wide web from your phone or PDA Access important information quickly anywhere you have Vodafone coverage.

Simple, quick and secure.

Get the news, weather, stocks and online reports all via the Vodafone GPRS network.

A world of opportunities with Vodafone mobile web.

A small investment which assures a new way of life and bussiness.

To get setup with Vodafone mobile web all you have to do is simply contact your Vodafone Account Executive. You can also call Vodafone Customer Care on 123 or simply send in a request through here .

Check out our wide range of web capable phones here .

Mobile Web Settings
These are the settings needed to get web access on your device.
APN or Access Point
IP or Proxy Address No or
Port or Proxy Port No or 0
Username (leave blank)
Password (leave blank)
Security No or Not Secure or Normal

The web browser area on the device will have an option to pick the setting or data account. It may likely give you the option to create a new one aswell.

If there is an option to select “VF Internet” you can just choose that setting. Or go into the phones data accounts and create one with the settings above.