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Vodafone Mobile Email

Send and receive email using your local Connect, Yahoo or other email addresses from your phone.
No hassle, no worries. Mobile email is the solution for you.
You don't spend every minute of the day at your desk. So why should your desk be the only place that you can send and receive emails from?
Thanks to Mobile Email, its not. With Mobile Email, you can take your inbox with you, sending and receiving emails using your Vodafone mobile.
You'll never go back to the conventional email systems.
To get setup with Vodafone mobile email all you have to do is simply contact your Vodafone Account Executive. You can also call Vodafone Customer Care on 123 or simply send in a request through here .
Check out our email capable mobile phones here .
Mobile email settings
Personal or business email addresses can be used if they are a POP3 or IMAP types.

All you need is your
    * incoming server address
    * email address
    * username
    * password

Example of email setup

Incoming server address

Outgoing server address

Email address:





Vodafone will provide an outgoing server address to you for sending emails:
You will need to select the VF Internet setting or data account on the phone.
Hotmail is not accessible without going to hotmail in a web browser.