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As business needs evolve and bandwidth requirements change, traditional network services are giving way to a more popular technology for connecting multiple sites with Wide Area Network (WAN) links and the Virtual Private Network (VPN). The global transition to new-generation internet protocol (IP) networks is the latest step in the evolution of corporate networking and solutions. These networks eliminate the bandwidth limitations and service impediments of older technologies that restricted business expansion. Telecommunications carriers and their customers are realizing the benefits of these new capabilities in the deployment of IPVPNs.

With business growth fuelling demand and companies increasingly concerned about rising bandwidth costs, IT managers are anxious to deploy application awareness across the network rather than just access ‘tails’. Real-time applications such as voice, data, video, enterprise systems and applications require strong, reliable service. IT and network managers are demanding IPVPN solutions that allow them to:

• Obtain comprehensive monitoring and reporting tools for network utilization and performance;
• Reduce the complexity of provisioning and managing WAN and remote site connections;
• Deliver business continuity and disaster recovery capabilities;
• Access greater bandwidth at lower cost;
• Implement flexible converged solutions that improve productivity and efficiency;
• Prioritize the performance of bandwidth-hungry applications while ensuring the delivery of less critical traffic;
• Enable staff to work from home and access corporate IT resources while on the go.

Corporate ICT Solutions

Converge your networks on a wide area network (“WAN”) that’s been designed for greater security and reliability making it easier and simpler to migrate existing and emerging technologies rapidly and affordably. Vodafone’s IPVPN solution, a single, converged platform, allows you to cost-effectively engineer your traffic streams, giving you the ability to prioritize network application traffic with quality of service and class of service capabilities.

Vodafone offers advanced layer 2 and layer 3 managed and unmanaged IPVPN services via a point to point and point to multipoint topology. The cloud has a meshed topology and proper

redundancy to ensure that a single link failure can be re-routed over alternate links to ensure minimum downtime. Last mile connectivity is provided through a secure transmission using telcograde equipment on the licensed 7 GHz and 18 GHz frequencies or equipment using the unlicensed 5 GHz frequency. Bandwidth of up to 32 Mbps can be provided using this equipment, however if your company requires more bandwidth, we can provide more using a different set of equipment. Common services delivered through this offering are:

• Dedicated Internet;
• Point to point and point to multi point data links;
• Primary Rate Interface (PRI) channels;
• Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunks;
• Disaster recovery;

Our Engineers are highly trained and located at major town and city areas to ensure you have the best in pre and post sales support.
These Engineers have a wealth of experience and continually undergo training and certification. The highly experienced planning and engineering team delivers the following services:

• Complete Turn Key Management & Governance;
• Site Surveys & Path Profiling;
• Radio Link System Planning & Design;
• Equipment Supply & Installation;
• Quality Assurance & Availability Objectives;
• Network Redundancy & Forecasting;
• Spares Management;
• Managed Services;
• Fault Handling

All equipment is bench tested in the labs for quality clearance, provisioning and operability to ensure they are fully functional before being dispatched for site deployment. This significantly mitigates risks that can cause configuration issues and improves time for deployment and commissioning. The service will terminate at customer sites with Ethernet connectivity and depending on the service, the customer is at liberty to integrate with any nominated and approved LAN equipment, including PABX.

Performance levels are defined by comprehensive and sensible service level agreements and Vodafone’s 24 X 7 Network Operations and Customer Care Centre’s are available around the
clock to provide support. If customers add the managed router service option, Vodafone will administer, monitor and support remote routers from a central location.

Using Vodafone’s IPVPN solution, business can now focus more on their core objectives rather than manage mundane tasks such as network administration, bandwidth management and trying to get stable and reliable data connectivity.