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RED Flix Plans




Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the RED Flix Plans?
This is a promotional Mobile Broadband offer on the existing Flix plans. Promo valid until notice.

2. Does the plan come with a device?
Yes. For all plans, you qualify for a pocket Wi-Fi or a Business Grade Router.

3. How can I subscribe to the plan?
Contact your Account Manager or visit any of the Vodafone retail shop(s) for signup.

4. Do existing Customers automatically qualify for the promo?
No. Contact your Account Manager for instructions or visit your nearest Vodafone Retail Outlet.

5. Do I need to signup for the contract?
If you need the device accompanied with the plan, then you need to sign a 24 months contract.
If you just need the SIM card, you are not required to sign a contract

6. Are there any security deposit associated with signups?
Yes. Subject to vetting.

7. Whom is the plan applicable to?
This plan can be offered to anyone in Fiji.

8. Can I change my current Vodafone Broadband plan to the new plans?
Yes, you can only upgrade to a higher plan if you are on contract and do a change of plan to any RED Flix plan if you are not on

9. What is Peak and Off-Peak periods?
Peak time – usage between 7am to 11pm everyday Monday to Friday.
Off-Peak time – usage between 11.01pm to 6.59am everyday Monday to Sunday. Weekend usage is considered to be Off-Peak.

10. How do I top-up after finishing my data allocation?
Once your data is finished, you can use Data Angel to top up. Instructions as follows;

  • 1. Go to the following website:
  • 2. Click on the button that says Sign in to My Vodafone
  • 3. Click on the link that says Register Now
  • 4. Enter all your details
  • 5. A confirmation code will be sent to your device, you enter that verification code to verify yourself
  • 6. After verification, you can login to Data Angel to top up your account

11. Are there Top-ups separated into Peak and Off-Peak periods?
Yes. RED Flix 140, RED Flix 200 and RED Flix 300 is separated in Peak and Off-peak time periods.

12. Are there any speed limitations on these plans?
No. Your speed is determined by best effort from the device and the network.

13. What top up packs are available?


14. How fast will my broadband be?
You'll get the best effort connectivity from the network. Estimated speeds on the networks are as follows;
4G+ - 30-50mbps
4G - 20-30mbps
3G - 4-15mbps
2G - 0-1mbps

15. What Network mode can I get connected to?
The plan can be used on 4G+, 4G, 3G and the 2G network depending on the modem you are connected to.

16. How can I monitor my data usage?
Your usage can be monitored on My Vodafone page, My Vodafone App or simply talk to a customer care agent on 125
(free)/123 (Charged). You can also check your usage on Data Angel.

17. Is there any early termination penalty if you’re on contract?
Yes. $152.60 applies as a standard early termination penalty. Pro-rated device charges will also apply.

18. Travelling Overseas?
Your Monthly Data can’t be used while you’re travelling overseas.

19. How many devices can I connect?
If you get a pocket Wi-Fi you can connect up to 10 wireless devices and generally more for a business grade router.