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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will FlashNet work anywhere in Fiji?

It will work in most places. You will get Broadband speeds in 3G coverage areas and GPRS speeds in other areas. 3G coverage extends from Nausori to Lami corridor, Wailada, Wainadoi, Naval Base, selected parts of Pacific Harbour, Deuba, Dogowale, Waidroka, Coral Coast, Sigatoka, Nadi, Lautoka, Ba Town, Tavua Town and Rakiraki Town areas. In the North (Vanua-Levu), coverage extends from Labasa Town, Benau, Bulileka, Delailabasa, Urata, Savusavu Town, Maravu, and Vanaira.

2. Will FlashNet work on my PC?
Yes it will work on PC’s, laptop’s and Mac’s, as long as the computer supports the minimum operating requirements of FlashNet.

3. Can I stream videos and audio using Vodafone’s FlashNet? 
Yes you can. However, streaming is data intensive, and this could consume your monthly data cap very quickly.

4. Can I send SMS (TXT Messages) from the FlashNet dashboard?
Yes you can. The dashboard allows you to send and receive SMS. This is not covered within the data usage and the fixed monthly rental. You will be charged seperately for sending SMS from the FlashNet dashboard.

5. What speeds will I experience when downloading?
There are no guaranteed speeds but in most cases, speeds range from 128 kbps to 1 Mbps. Speed is dependent on many factors, which includes but is not limited to distance from base station, signal strength, terrain, site from which content is downloaded from, bandwidth allowed from Internet sites, server performance, make and model of FlashNet and end user computer performance.

6. Where can I sign up for Vodafone’s FlashNet Services?
To sign up, visit any Vodafone Retail or authorized dealer outlet. FlashNet is available on both Prepay and Postpay plans.

7. How do I track my FlashNet data usage?
The Vodafone Mobile Connect Dashboard only gives a rough indication of your data usage per session. Please login and register using the following link to view your actual usage on line: http://www.vodafone.com.fj/myvodafone

8. What happens if I move out of Vodafone’s 3G coverage?
If the connection is set to Auto, then the connection will fall to GPRS speeds of 56kbps. This means that you will be seamlessly transferred to Vodafones’s GPRS network, depending on the service availability of the base station you are locked onto. If the connection is set to manual and locked onto 3G only, then the connection will drop and you will need to manually reconnect to GPRS.

9. Can I use my Vodafone FlashNet on roaming? 
Yes, but you will require roaming to be activated. Security deposit may be required for activating roaming access for Postpay. Data roaming is charged at $25.00 VIP per MB. This is not part of included data and is billed separately. 

10. Is the FlashNet compatible with my Apple Mac?
Yes, to use the FlashNet, you need the following on your Mac:
* Mac OSX Panther 10.3.9 operating system or higher
* Standard USB port
* 50MB free disk space and 128MB RAM.

11. Is the FlashNet compatible with my Windows PC/laptop?
Yes, to use the Vodafone K3520/K3715/K3765 or K3570-Z FlashNet, you need the following on your PC:
* Windows 7, Vista or XP
* Standard USB port
* 100MB free disk space and 128MB RAM

12. Can someone else use my FlashNet on a different PC/laptop? 
Yes, the FlashNet will work in exactly the same way on the other PC (i.e. the software will automatically install on Windows/Macintosh machines) when it is plugged in the USB port. Note that all usage will be charged on the bill of the SIM card owner.

13. Why does my FlashNet display a connection speed of 3.6Mbps or 7.2Mbps when first connected? 
It displays the theoretical maximum speeds supported by the device when first connected to the computer. This is not the speed of the connection to Internet. The K3570-Z supports maximum download speed of 3.6 Mbps and maximum upload speed of 2.8 Mbps, while K3520/K3715/K3765 support maximum download speed of 7.2 Mbps and maximum upload speed of 5.7 Mbps.

14. What is the coverage area of Vodafone’s 3G network? 

15. How do I know if I am logged correctly onto 3G or GPRS?
The LED light on your USB FlashNet indicates mobile network connectivity.
• Green blinking - A GPRS network has been detected - you can connect to this
• Green solid - Connected to GPRS
• Blue blinking - A 3G network has been detected - you can connect to this
• Blue solid - Connected to 3G

16. Is my FlashNet network locked?
Yes, the FlashNet is locked to Vodafone Fiji Network.