Business > Price Plan > Bundle Plans > You Choose & Vodabiz Plans Fiji’s #1 MOBILE NETWORK LAUNCHES NEW BUNDLE PLANS WITH PER SECOND BILLING
Now Vodafone gives you even more choices - Pay by minute, unit or second – YOU CHOOSE!

What is Bundle Plan?
These are new plans released by Vodafone with included on-net minutes and SMS with per second billing option within and outside bundle.
There are a total of 6 new plans for you to choose from – 3 You Choose Plans and 3 Vodabiz Plans.
You Choose and Vodabiz Bundle allow the users to call Vodafone/ TFL/ INKK local network in Fiji with the allocated bundled minutes and SMS

Details of the plans are as follows:


• Included SMS and minutes are for on-net use ONLY 
• Included SMS and minutes does NOT include Vodagroup or Business Talk calls
• All charging is on per second basis (within and outside bundle), 
• There is no rollover of minutes between month to month.
• Any remaining minutes in existing month will be forfeited.
Conditions Apply
• All rates are VIP unless otherwise specified
• On-Net means calls made within the Vodafone network only (Vodafone Postpay, Vodafone Prepay, Inkk Mobile)
• Local and International SMS is charged at 14.2 cents VIP per SMS outside the bundle
• Premium SMS and Short code charging are variable and is not deducted from FREE SMS
• To create a Vodagroup, a minimum of 5 voice connections are required under the same Postpay billing account.
• Vodafone may set a credit limit for the provision of services and notify the subscriber. Notwithstanding, the fact that Vodafone may set a credit limit, Vodafone takes no responsibility for ensuring that the subscriber will not exceed usage over and beyond the set credit limit as this is monitored and updated every 24 hours. Subscriber shall be liable for any and all charges incurred by usage of the service exceeding the set credit limit.
• Bundle Plan is only available on 24 months contract and early termination penalty of $152.50 VIPT per connection applies. 
• The subscriber will be liable to pay Vodafone the prorated value of any handset given on contract and any other charges owing if contract is prematurely terminated. See Network Services Agreement and Network Services Contract for entire terms and conditions.
• Refundable security deposit may be required and higher deposits apply for international and roaming access
• 1 second = 1 second or part thereof, 1 unit = 30 seconds or part thereof and 1 minute = 60 seconds or part thereof
• Bundle Plans does not apply to Blackberry or Data plans.
• Free Money can be used for On-Net calling and sending On-Net SMS ONLY
• Free Money can not be used for Premium Txting, International calls & SMS and Off-Net Calls and SMS
• Free Money cannot be used to make calls or send SMS while roaming
No connection fee
No hidden charges
Mobile Teleconferencing
Video Calling (Handset Dependent)
Caller ID
Call hold
Call waiting
Call forwarding
Call barring
Missed call alerts
24/7 Free Customer Service Line (125)
24/7 Information Hotline 123 (charged)
Multimedia Messaging (Handset Dependent)
Local and International SMS
International & Roaming calls (optional)