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1. What is an ANB Plan?
ANB is an acronym for All Network Bundles and these are new plans released by Vodafone.
There are a total of 6 new ANB plans to choose from. Details of the plans are as follows:


2. Who are these plans for?

These plans are available to any new and existing customers, who wish to subscribe to these plans.
In order to subscribe to these plans, please contact your Account Manager or visit our Retail outlets.

3. How do these ANB plans work?

It’s simple. These plans are  similar  to  You  Choose & Vodabiz plans, except these include all Network bundles.
This means that you can use the minutes and SMS within the bundle to call any local Network. Once the minutes
and SMS within the bundle is exhausted, outside bundle rates apply. All local Network calls within bundle is deducted
and charged on a per second basis. This means that if you make a

30 second call, only 30 seconds is deducted from the bundle.

4. How do I get connected or change from an existing plan to an ANB Plan?

Just walk into any Vodafone Retail Outlet, authorised Dealer Outlet or contact your Account Manager. Present a copy
of your valid photo ID and any utility bill  for verification  of  address  (for  new  customers), sign the Network Services
Agreement (subject to Credit  vetting  and  approval)  and  get  connected. For Customers on contract, please check with
your Account Manager. This is a new plan and customers need to fill in a new NSA and related documents for change of plan.

5. Do I have to sign a contract for ANB Plan?

Yes. ANB plans come under a standard 24 month contract. Non contract options are also available.

6. Can ANB plans be taken in addition to a data plan?

Yes. ANB plan is a voice plan and can be added to a data plan separately.  Example:  If you are currently on the $0 Rental Plan
for voice and BlackBerry Basic plan for data, you can change to an ANB plan of your choice and add BlackBerry Basic to this.

7. If I have reached my credit limit imposed on my number just by making International calls and my number
has been barred, can I still use the remaining minutes and sms in the bundle?

Yes. If your number is barred for reaching the credit limit, you can still use your remaining minutes and SMS in the bundle.

8. Can  I  take  up  ANB  plans  along  with  CUG  or Business Talk?

Yes you can, provided you have 5 or more postpaid numbers registered under your account. Business Talk is very similar to CUG
except, it allows unlimited calls within the group for a fixed fee per month. Vodagroup rate is 5 cents per unit for calls made within the group.

9. Can I make International and Roaming calls if I choose ANB Plans?

Yes you can. However higher refundable security deposits may be required for International and Roaming access and all charges for
roaming and International calls will be billed separately.

10. Are there any fees charged for switching plans?

No, provided you change to an equivalent ANB plan or higher than existing plan.For downgrading of plans (if subsidy has been allocated
on contract, with a minimum plan spend commitment), fees and charges may apply.