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Vodafone Fiji Limited - Acceptable User Policy - FlashNet Connections
1. Acceptable User Policy
This Acceptable User Policy (“the Policy”) contains terms and conditions by which users of FlashNet services
provided by Vodafone Fiji Limited (“Vodafone”) must comply with at all times during such use.
"You" means you, our customer and user of FlashNet services under the Acceptable User Policy. 
Vodafone reserves the right to amend the Policy at any time. Amendments to the policy shall be posted on the
Vodafone website.  Vodafone FlashNet services may be used by you for lawful purposes only.
2.  Unauthorized Use of FlashNet Service
(a) Any material downloaded, transmitted, distributed, obtained or stored by utilizing the FlashNet service which is
in violation of applicable law and/or regulation is strictly prohibited. 
(b) You must not utilize the FlashNet services to download, transmit, distribute, obtain or store material protected by
copyright, trademark, trade secret or other protected intellectual property.
(c) Using the FlashNet services to send bulk e-mail is prohibited. Sending large quantities of unwanted or unsolicited
e-mail to individual e-mail accounts (also known as "spamming”) is prohibited.
(d) Attempting to access the accounts or computers of others, whether or not the intrusion results in corruption or loss of
data, is prohibited. Using the FlashNet services to collect, or attempt to collect, personal information about third parties
without their knowledge or permission is prohibited.
(e) Posting or transmitting any information or software which contains a virus, lock, key, bomb, worm, Trojan horse or other
harmful component is prohibited.
3. Violations of this Policy
(a) Vodafone will investigate incidents involving violations including but not limited to the prohibitions listed under paragraph
2 above and may involve or co-operate with law enforcement authorities in its investigations. Unauthorized use and violations
of the FlashNet services may result in criminal and civil liability. 
(b) Vodafone reserves the right at all times to suspend and or terminate your usage of the FlashNet services and to temporarily
or permanently disconnect you from the Vodafone network if:
(i) You participate in the prohibited acts described in paragraph 2 above;
(ii) You do anything which is believed could potentially damage the Vodafone network;
(iii) The disconnection is reasonably necessary to enforce the criminal laws or laws imposing pecuniary penalties, protect the public
revenue or safeguard national security.
4. Third Parties
Actions of a third party whilst utilizing the FlashNet services under your account, either indirect or attempted violations of the Policy
shall be deemed violations of this Policy by you. Accordingly you are responsible for the use by third parties of use of the FlashNet
services under your account.
5. Liability
Vodafone does not assume responsibility for the content contained on the Internet and is not obliged to monitor transmissions made
by utilizing the FlashNet Service. You acknowledge and agree that Vodafone has the right to monitor such transmissions from time to
time and to disclose the same as required by law, regulation or other government request. 
6. Queries and Complaints
Queries on the Policy or complaints regarding violations of this Policy can be emailed to or you can contact us
directly on 124 (Free call for Prepaid customers) or 125 (Free call for Postpaid customers) or 123 (Charged line).