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4G- short for fourth generation is a successor of 3G and the fourth generation of mobile telecommunication technology. Vodafone Fiji’s 4G provides customers with the “fastest internet speed” reaching up to 100Mbps. Moreover, Vodafone Fiji has “the largest 4G network coverage in Fiji”. Vodafone Fiji first launched its 4G technology on December 2013, and it has been improving its network ever since to provide customers with better network stability and performance. Now, Vodafone Fiji is able to cover major cities of both Viti Levu and Vanua Levu

.Along with 4G, Vodafone Fiji provides 4G Long Term Evolution technology. It is a 4G protocol which is used by mobile users and it is said to be the “True 4G” that delivers people with the fastest mobile Internet experience with 4G capable mobile devices.

The most advantage of using Vodafone Fiji’s 4G is the speed and also its compatibility with 3G network. In the case where 4G coverage is unreliable, the device can automatically or manually change its network to 3G to gain more reliable internet access.

Unlike 3G, Vodafone Fiji has introduced a new feature on 4G called “Data Angel”. Data Angel is a web page which allows customers to gain better “control” of their data usage by using a “Top-Up-Package” option to recharge data when the data is exceeded.” Pay As You Go” option is another option which allows users to use their internet on casual rate of 0.95 cent per 1 MB. Lastly, “Stop Using Internet” option can be used to stop internet usage for the month.
  • Fastest 4G mobile broadband in Fiji .
  • Download Up to 20-40mb/s
  • Upload Up to 5-10mb/s
  • Free pocket Wi-Fi or Router
  • Powerful Business grade Routers