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Vodafone Fiji Ltd. recognizes the need for urgent action to address climate change and depletion
of natural resources. Earth Hour is one such initiative which draws attention of the public on a
worldwide scale.  Vodafone is proud to be associated with WWF and Earth Hour since it’s introduction
in Fiji last year.

This year, on Saturday March 28th at 8.30pm, worldwide homes and businesses are asked to turn off
their lights for one hour, throwing the world into darkness in an effort to create awareness about
conservation and wise use of our resources.

Vodafone Fiji Limited has again said ‘yes!’ to Earth Hour. The message is very clear and simple – every
individual and company can and should make a difference in how we use our planet’s resources.

You can signup for Earth Hour and pledge your support at http://earthhour.smh.com.au/sign-up

Vodafone is supporting Earth Hour by creating awareness amongst its staff about Earth Hour. It has
included a call to support the initiative on its text platform where Vodafone customers can respond to a
short code and say ‘yes!’ to Earth Hr. Vodafone is also working towards making the Earth Hour logo available
as a downloadable wallpaper to create further awareness  and reminder for saving energy and conservation
of our natural resources.

You can download the EH logo for FREE to your Vodafone Fiji mobile by just txting earth to 7002

Vodafone is committed to ideals of Earth Hr throughout the year so is putting initiatives into place to review
the existing resources consumption; especially in terms of energy use by its offices, retail and network. Further
details on Vodafone’s energy objectives will be released on a later date.

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