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Vodafone Boosts The Fiji Car Club Drag Race Tomorrow

Nick Ragg Car

The Fiji Car Club has gained the support of Vodafone Fiji who will be sponsoring the club’s 6th event this year, to be held tomorrow.
The Vodafone ¼ Mile Drag Race will be held at the Nanuku Airstrip in Pacific Habour. The event starts at 10.30am and will finish around 4pm. Registrations begin at 8am.
Fiji Car Club Senior Executive, Sandeep Prakash, thanked Vodafone for their sponsorship. They had come in to provide a boost to the Car Club.
Mr Prakash support from such prestigious organisation provided morale boost not only for the Club executives, but all the members and would-be members.
He said the previous event (quarter mile drags, show car and two drag wars) were all very successful events for the club.
“So this time the executives have decided to have another 1/4 mile Drag Wars,” he said.
“We had 1/4 mile previously and participants and spectators look forward for this event very vigorously.
“Since we had announced for 1/4 mile drag race, we had a lot of response for participation and we expect more than 30 participants on Sunday.”
Mr Prakash said since 1/4 mile is all about timing and driving skills, the participants were really working hard to drop their time as much as they can.
The current champion driver of Fiji Car Club is Ravin Nath (owner of Wishbone/Pizza King franchise in Fiji).
Mr Prakash said he is the target for all the drivers with even the four-cylinder participants targeting him.
The club executives have once again appealed to car enthusiast not to practice street racing and to come and join Fiji Car Club and show their driving skills on the track rather than on the street endangering lives.
Source: Fiji Sun