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Vodafone continues sponsorship of CPA

Vodafone has been associated with the congress since 2009 and our support for this initiative is part of our efforts to assist our
accountants with compliance, regulations and historical reporting. The flow-on effect from the two days congress will certainly
benefit everyone in the business community. 

“We are a country that is heavily reliant on data and financial transactions.  These are essential requirements that a business needs
for a confidence and a sound economy,” said Vodafone’s Chief Commercial Officer Ronald Prasad.

“Technology and the increasing speed of technological advances and their impact on our world and the accounting profession are
phenomenal. Just a decade ago the PC was just a few years old and they were shared by staff. No one had ever heard of a laptop,
and your phone was not an iPhone. Today, cloud computing is revolutionizing how technology and services are delivered to business.

The most important change technology has brought is to replace the “doing.” That’s where the CPA profession needs to excel in confronting
the technological challenges of the 21st Century. More than 60 percent of the world’s population now has a mobile device. With download of
an App, financial simulations, projections and trends can be done in minutes if not seconds. In other words, technology can automate in
seconds’ tasks that are currently take days to perform.”

The convergence of technology now offers our customers the flexibility to decide when, where and how they choose to communicate,
receive information or enjoy entertainment. 

NOTE: There is no active CPA website to provide news