Youth Club Gets Financial Boost

Friday 23 November, 2018

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation handed over $2500 to Vatoa Island Youth Club situated in the vicinity of Nasinu.

"Our youth bring great ideas. It just needs to be tapped, morale boosted and with little seed money to start their projects. They have the potential to make it grow, said Manager Central Eastern, Ministry of Youth and Sports, Mr. Iowane Soko.

Vatoa Youth Club is made up of young women and men residing in Nasinu. Most have gone through school and failed to progress due to various challenges pertaining to teenagers but now are unemployed and are ready to take up any new challenges that aspires to build their capacities and develop them.

With the help of Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation their vision becomes a reality which is "Healthy and Economically Sound Youth" & a mission to promote skills training and further studies for improved livelihoods said Mr Soko.  

The Seed Funding will be utilized to facilitate their upcoming projects. Our youth projects are now linked to Bula Youth Tok which is a program of Foundation that aims to localize the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, said The Foundation Executive Ms Ambalika Prakash.

The youths were excited and also shared how they are already generating revenue from grass cutting projects, selling coconuts and caterings etc.

“Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has invested over $20m since its inception in 2004 and we continue to work together with clubs such as this one, partner organizations, NGOs to support initiatives that positively impact the Fijian communities:
The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation is also simultaneously working around peri-urban, with vulnerable youths and informal settlements said Ms. Ambalika Prakash.

There are so many challenges due to various reasons however, we are here to help our youths said Mr Soko. 
Its best we talk about solutions and not problems he said.