Vodafone ATH Foundation Assists Club in Lautoka

Friday 19 January, 2018

Purple Rose Club of Lautoka received $2500 to boost their income generation projects from Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation.
"GROW $2500 into $25,000 as we posing similar challenges to community groups”, said the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Executive Ms Ambalika Prakash.
With a vision to help the disadvantaged populace, the Purple Rose women's group ventured into helping children and poor communities with education and health rejuvenating projects, said the Ms Prakash.
We are on a journey to help the community based women and youth clubs, said Ms Prakash. Hearty causes that in turn sustains small groups continue to inspire us she said.
“Purple Rose women's club was established in 2014 through small morning teas and contribution from members continue to grow”, said the President Celine Worthington.
So far we have executed almost 100 small projects since Purple Rose Clubs inception in 2014, said Ms Worthington.
Our projects also includes helping the TC Winston victims, cancer patients, seed funding to start small business such as roti parcel, selling juice etc she said. The TC Winston project was done at breath which included food vouchers, housing assistance, clothes, education assistance she said. We continue to pay for university fees and buy accessories for students who continues to give us good results she said.

The group in the past supported children with heart ailments, and corrective surgeries, school fees, installation of electricity and water projects, said the Teasurer, Ms Praveen Lata. As we continue to grow, we approached Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation for small funding to ensure that we sustain the activities that addresses the needs of the community said Ms Lata.
We continue to energize ourselves and have aspiration to grow this $2500 in future to be able to support those projects that yields higher rate of return. We have plans for major fund raising and income generation projects she said.

We are a small group but the needs of the communities continues to inspire us to raise as much funds and continue helping those that are hardworking and are ready to help themselves. We are mindful of not creating a handout culture but to ensure that our projects empowers every life we touch, said Ms Worthington.

“Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation is a charitable arm of Vodafone Fiji Limited and Amalgamated Telecomm holdings and we continue to make contribution towards innovative and creative projects”, said Ms Prakash. 

So far the $19 million worth of social investment has seen creating waves of projects in the community ranging from health, education, economic growth and social development projects she said. These projects also steers people away from suffering as well as creating employment at various levels. 

We motivate clubs to reinvest profits into other social and economic projects of the community.

As the charity organizations grows in sizes from small to medium we are mindful that projects we support also grows at breadth and depth said the Foundation Executive.