Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Assists Youth Club

Friday 23 November, 2018

Vodafone ATH Fiji foundation handed over $2500 to Lovu Youth Club for Internet Café to be used by the residents.

The income generation projects will include devices and data free for a year. The club has the leeway to generate revenue to ensure sustainability of the project. Revenue generated can also be used to purchase more devices to meet the demand, said the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Executive Ambalika Prakash.

Our aim is to assist in the rural development and also ensure that we are meeting the localization of sustainable development goals, said Ms. Prakash.

We have surpassed support to over 600 clubs around the country she said, with varying projects ranging from organic farming to that of setting up of internet cafés, roadside canteens etc, she said.

Meeting the vision of creating smarter and connected communities, we also ensure that we meet the priority needs of the communities, she said.

We are indeed flexible on how the income generation is done, consequently, all efforts are directed in ensuring that income generated are utilized effectively and efficiently within the governance spheres, she said.

We will continue with the efforts to help small clubs identify projects, seek support, sustain in turn addressing the needs of the community.

Vodafone ATH Fiji foundation has made a social investment of $20 million since its inception in 2004.