$7,500 grant for youth Clubs in Ra Province

Monday 16 July, 2018

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation under its Sustainable Funding Programme handed over a total of $7,500 grant to three (3) communities based organization (CBO) in the Province of Ra for income generation projects that will assist in sustaining the livelihoods of young men and women members of the organizations. 

“The 3 community based organizations that were recipients of the grant of $2,500 each were Nausori Women’s Club, Rewasa Youth Club and Lado Youth Club for Bee-Keeping and poultry farming respectively,” said Vodafone Fiji Chief Marketing Officer Mr. Rajnesh Prasad.

“As one of the leading corporate philanthropic organizations, we at the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation are committed to go beyond our social investment strategy in connecting people with such opportunities that improve the lives of ordinary Fijians by bringing positive social and economic benefits with lasting impacts,” said Prasad.

While receiving the grant, Rewasa Youth President Mr. Ilikana Rogoi said that we are very grateful to have received this grant to start up our poultry project which in coming weeks will provide alternate fresh supply of chickens for our village people who usually have to travel long distances to buy chickens.

“We expect to generate a total of $1,500 in each harvesting of honey from our Bee-keeping project which will provide source of income and employment for your youth members,” said Lado Youth Club President Mr Timilai Bai.

“Through this grant we will purchase five (5) double Bee hive boxes through it will provide with extra source of income which will assist us rural women to better support our family,” said Nausori Women’s Club President Ms Ani Ranadi
“It is really inspiring to hear how corporate giving initiatives such as this are bringing social change in the lives of people and at the foundation we realized that they have immense social obligation towards our Fijian communities where our passion for Vanua is the core value that drives our corporate giving,” added Prasad.
Also present to witness the grant handover were Ra Provincial Youth Administrator Mr. Tevita Nakeba, Ra Women’s Interest Officer Ms. Timaleti Kalou and Capacity Building and Storytelling Fiji (CBST Fiji) Project Officer Roneet Prasad.

CBST Fiji Project Officer Roneet Prasad said, “It is important to capture this unique corporate and community partnership story which is important to publicize to inspire more corporate giving in Fiji.” 

A total of 36 grants worth $100,000 have been approved by the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Trustees for disbursement in this quarter of the year.