mEducation Boost for Nabua Secondary School

Tuesday 14 November, 2017

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation took to the bustling morning of Suva City heading straight for Nabua Secondary School. With its Matua Program structure and a roll count of over 750 students’ Nabua Secondary School calls for a makeover. “The refurbishment of the Schools Computer Labs with the need of some 50+ computers for students’ use is a must, said Mr Lesuma; School Principle of Nabua Secondary.

Mr Sukul Deo, Vice Principle of Nabua Secondary, highlighted the need of adequate resources to support growing technological use for students. “Students need to be tech savvy, but we need updated and adequate resources to do just this,” he said. “Parents send their children to good schools that have good resources, quality education means the access of quality resources, “he added. Mr. Deo is grateful to have received the donations from Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation. “These donations allow us to support our children with the limited resources we are provided,” he said. 

On the same note, School Teacher, Mr. Karunesh Prasad, highlighted the importance of understanding students . “Some students  come from difficult family backgrounds; as such resources at the home are limited. If schools provide for better laboratories, efficient technological equipment's, we help out, one family at a time,” Mr. Prasad added. 

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation handed over accessories and tablets to the School. Discussions over future projects for the school and potential projects for students are also underway, said Foudation Executive Ms Ambalika Devi