Vodafone Fiji Launches New Brand: Future is Exciting. Ready?

Friday 17 November, 2017

Vodafone Fiji announced a brand overhaul aimed at refreshing the group’s identity in an industry that has evolved significantly in recent years.

As the result of the brand overhaul, all Vodafone operations will follow suit in changing the strapline and visual identity to align to the evolving market. Vodafone Fiji along today launched the new brand at their Head Office in Tamavua.

Vodafone’s Chief Marketing Officer; Rajnesh Prasad officiated the launch and highlighted on the history behind Vodafone in Fiji.“Since its inception in 1994, Vodafone has gone from strength to strength and has expanded rapidly in all areas. In its 23 years of operation in Fiji,
Vodafone has established itself as a household brand in our Fijian people. The Vodafone logo is quite symbolic and even kids as young as 3 to 4 years are able to recall the Vodafone brand and logo. This is how strong our brand is in Fiji”, said Prasad.

He added that“success of Vodafone is attributed to the dynamic nature of our business and how we continue to evolve to suit the changing needs of our people. Whilst mobile technology has changed rapidly over the years, we as a brand have also changed to remain relevant to the market.”

Continuing to elaborate on the brand transition, he reminisced on the initial brand overhauls. “I hope you all still remember the slogan “Make the most of now” which was introduced to the market over a decade ago. Our ads used to have the rectangular lego dialogue boxes.

Then, with the introduction of smartphones and evolution of technology from 2G to 3G to 4G, 4G+ and the change to the slogan “Power to You” was very relevant to ensuring that we empower our people to have access to information & entertainment at the power of their fingertips”

Whilst announcing the new brand slogan for Vodafone Fiji “The future is exciting. Ready?”, Prasad mentioned that now with the smartphone penetration reaching just over 70% and introduction of more digital services including NFC technology, mobile commerce and internet of things, Vodafone continues to look towards what the future will bring.

The famous “Power to You” slogan will change to “The Future is Exciting! Ready?and the speech mark logo will be made flat (a 2D rather than 3D-like effect), and will take a more central role in marketing and advertising material. The logo will be more vibrant for use in digital media and font use in the logo updated to a modern one. Whilst the essence of the brand in terms of the red association, logo and speech mark wholly remain the same, there is more prominence given to the speech mark.

Vodafone as a global brand have seen the rapid transformation in technology and customer needs and therefore is now gearing towards what the future will entail. We here locally are also very excited on what is unfolding with the announcement Vodafone Pre 5G trials yesterday and how we are positioning ourselves to tackle what the future holds. 

With the introduction of the new brand, Vodafone also introduced for their latest marketing campaign reflecting their new brand.

Vodafone launched an exciting Christmas promotion with the new brand where customers get to win over $200,000 in cash and prizes this Christmas.

The important aspect to note is that the relevance of the brand has changed towards being future optimistic. With continued passion and zeal, Vodafone Fiji is Ready to plunge into the endless possibilities the future is yet to present.