Turiwailevu Youth received support for farming

Tuesday 05 December, 2017

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation visited Nakavika Village in the interior of Seqaqa. 

"We had to cross the river barefoot to reach the village of 35 households", said the Foundation Executive Ms. Ambalika Devi Prakash. 

Turiwailevu Youth aspire to do organic farming using the funds from Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation said the team leader Mr. Ilaisa Dinono. 

Our youth attended 3 months organic farming course at Naleba Youth Training Centre he said. Now we want to use the same knowledge to practically do farming at our village which aims to address other social issues facing our village.

We are very passionate about what we doing already. We have already started with Cash crop farming including pineapple. We will be using the funds to do yaqona farming, Dalo and vegetables said young women’s leader Ms Teresia Direre.

We have already supported over 300 youth and women's clubs around Fiji said Ms Devi, our minimum grant has seen many village projects flourishing. The good thing about our income generation and entrepreneurial projects is that the funds raised from here can be used to address other social issues such as scholarship for youths, hygiene and sanitation and health issues she said. Our greatest challenge was that we were helping those in the remote, some of which didn't have bank account or inactive due to insufficient funds.

The pre requisite to access funding is greatly helping us open bank account, register with MPAiSA and also open email account using club names and also Facebook account to upload project progress, said the President, Agapito Muawalu.

We the people of Nakavika are indeed thankful to the support from Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation as this will help us realize our dream of supporting our own village.

So far Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has invested over $19 million towards community projects around Fiji said Ms. Devi.

We will continue to support the remote communities as our aspiration for leaving no-one behind especially for projects pertaining to issues bedeviling Fijian communities she said.