Lavena Students Get Connected

Thursday 09 November, 2017

The dream to be connected to the world came true for the children at Lavena Primary School when Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation donated one year of free internet, Wi-Fi and Tablets to the school.

Now, the children of Lavena School will be equally connected to the world like most schools in Fiji, said the Vodafone’s Manager North, Mr. Arunesh Vishwa. This is a proud moment for the school, children and the community as a whole as all will benefit from this package, said Mr. Vishwa

Elated Head Teacher of the School, Master Ilaisa Deke said this Internet Package would be a great benefit to the children of Lavena desperately needed to have hands on to internet and smart gadgets which will be a great benefit for them with research work and eLearning. He further extended his thanks and generosity to Vodafone Fiji and the Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation for coming over to their school for this handover. 

We have reached over 100 school through our mEducation technology rollout which consisted of tablets, Wi-Fi devices and internet connection free for a year said the Foundation Executive Ambalika Devi.

Our aim to reach as many schools as we can, she said. The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation is Fiji's leading corporate charity. Since its inception in 2003, the Foundation has invested over $19 million in connecting and transforming the lives of ordinary Fijians, said Ms Devi.

Our social investment is guided by the following: 1) increase access to innovative educational opportunities; 3) improve the health status of Fijians;3) economically empower young Fijians; 4) raise awareness on environment preservation and protection and 5) strengthen monitoring, evaluation, and data analytics of Foundations work, said the Foundation Executive.